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All Songs Rewind: The Songs That Got You Through School

Jimmy Eat World's song "The Middle," from its 2001 album <em>Bleed American, </em>was a popular listener pick this week.
Courtesy of the artist
Jimmy Eat World's song "The Middle," from its 2001 album Bleed American, was a popular listener pick this week.

Note: As summer break winds down and kids head back to class, we thought we'd share an episode we originally ran last year, with a whole bunch of songs and stories to help students get through school.

Last week, we asked listeners to tell us about the songs that got them through school. As the stories poured in, we began to see some clear and common themes. For starters, school, while being an exciting time of profound change, is really hard. Many told us stories of battling depression, anxiety and issues of sexual identity, all while navigating a churning sea of uncertainty.


On this edition of All Songs Considered, we hear stories of how music became a powerful force in their lives — the one thing that grounded them or made them feel connected to something bigger than themselves.

Hear those stories and our full episode with the audio play button at the top of the page. We could only fit so many songs on the show, so you'll also find a much longer playlist below featuring the other formative tracks people picked. Maybe you'll find a little light to guide you in the words and melodies of all these amazing artists.

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