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The best movies and TV of 2021, picked by NPR critics

In 2021, movies tentatively returned to theaters. Television production stopped, and started, and sometimes stopped again. Movies and TV seasons that had been delayed were finally seen, and projects that would once have shown up only on big screens appeared on small ones.

With all that in mind, NPR's critics have rolled our movie and television picks into one big — and grateful — list of the things we most enjoyed watching this year, whether we were in or out of the house, with others or on our own.


Reviews by Eric Deggans, Aisha Harris, Linda Holmes, Bob Mondello and Glen Weldon. Editing and production by Clare Lombardo and Natalie Escobar, with copy editing by Patricia Cole and Preeti Aroon. Photo research by Ashley Pointer, Clare Lombardo and Natalie Escobar. Design and development by Alyson Hurt. contributed to this story

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