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Little Vegas or America & #146;s Finest City?

A little while back, three city representatives were indicted for their roles in assisting strip club owners adopt Nevada-like laws, ones bringing those businesses gobs of cash. Investigations into those indictments revealed the campaign money connection between Nevada and San Diego. East County residents wouldn't go for expanding strip clubs to mimic Vegas' style either.

The way I see it, if there are secondary effects associated with strip clubs, like crime and drug use , there are certainly negative side effects to encouraging gamblers to keep pumping cash into slot machines. It's their choice, fine. But why should I encourage it by voting for an expansion? If the strip club ordinance had not been a zoning issue and had been open to a vote, would San Diegans have said yes if the price was right?

The reason why the four tribes under consideration, Pechanga, Morongo, Sycuan, and Agua Caliente Bands, would make good on estimations of "net increases in annual state revenues probably in the tens of millions of dollars" is because you the gambler, loses. Are we ready to see SoCal turn into Little Vegas?


Where do you stand on expanding slot machines throughout Southern California?

-Citizen Voices blogger Alma Sove has spent most of her life in San Diego and is currently attending law school. &