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Alma Sove

  • The November end of this year's presidential and local elections has taught me that playing well with others is a lesson worth learning, both in preschool and in politics. & And while we make progress, more political, ideological, and even spiritual struggles motivate voters into activism. &
  • At the City Heights polling place where I dropped off my absentee ballot, the line of a dozen or so residents waiting to vote gave me an honest thrill. This November 4th reminded me of an exciting New Year's Day, the air thick with expectation and resolve. & The anticipation of knowing Bush and his crew are finally out of office was so reassuring that it overrides any nagging fears about
  • & On "backroom deals" and supporting developer's goals to remake San Diego's historic areas over resident's objections: Neither candidate claims to have…
  • The biggest problem with 1A is that all of the
  • Before visiting family in Ohio this week, I'd assumed this swing state & mdash;a battleground for Democrats and Republicans & mdash;would be a hothouse of political conversation. After hanging out with native and transplanted Ohioans kind enough to offer me a piece of their minds (with some coaxing and humor), only a few times did conversation turn to national politics.
  • Just in time for Halloween, the legacy of the shiny, happy, shoulder-padded 1980s has come back to haunt the U.S. Remember the