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Happy New Year, 11-4-08

At the City Heights polling place where I dropped off my absentee ballot, the line of a dozen or so residents waiting to vote gave me an honest thrill. This November 4th reminded me of an exciting New Year's Day, the air thick with expectation and resolve. & The anticipation of knowing Bush and his crew are finally out of office was so reassuring that it overrides any nagging fears about trickery and betrayal at the polls. & I know that Bush can't win another term. & I also know that my neighbors in Dist. 3, and from all over the city, state and country, turned out in droves facing inclement weather and waiting in queues.

This feels tremendous. & And if after all this voting, the presidential election turns out favoring the other guy... well, that will bring reality crashing in, no doubt. But when people get involved in the process it never gets old. &

Today, the New Year is young and hope burns bright while exit polls show yet another close presidential race. & With anxiety tamped down, I patiently watch the day go by as it becomes the next four years.