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Grumpy Old Men

I can't help but think that Republicans would like to have "do overs." This is the sorriest presidential campaign that I have ever witnessed. John McCain has managed to parlay his war hero status into a political career for the last 20 years, but this time the stakes are too high. Can we really afford to have such an angry , rancorous man the White House?

His repeated assertions that Obama " would rather lose a war than lose an election ," make McCain look like some sort of Archie Bunker throwback, only we knew that Archie was a sitcom character, not a candidate for president of the United States.

2nd place image Can you imagine if he were to carry this bilious behavior to the international arena, leading by testy insinuation. Pretty scary stuff considering the memory lapses, coupled with his computer illiteracy , in the age of global media. Does John McCain even grasp the significance of his deficiency in 21st century skills? I think not or he would never have copped to it .


By the way Senator McCain, what would & "winning" in Iraq look like? If the country is "stabilized" and they want us out, what can be gained by continuing the nightmare. Recently you have stated, " I know how to win wars." & Which war was that, sir? My own father, who served four tours in Vietnam, wore a T-shirt, at home, that read "Southeast Asian War Games Participant -- 2nd Place". So surely you don't mean Vietnam. &