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Palin as Working Mom Heroine - Or Not

The public's interest in validating McCain's choice of running mates in Sarah Palin, by considering her personal choices as a mom, is par for the course politically speaking. &

That said, the working mom debate fueled by Palin's nomination has outlived its usefulness. & The war between working moms and stay-at-home moms (SAHM) can't be won. & In my opinion, the main reason why this nomination has sparked controversy has to do with stereotypes of Republican women, namely that they are the SAHM variety. & The fact that Palin votes like a conservative but works like an empowered liberal seems to be creating cognitive dissonance in Democrats and euphoria in Republicans.

But unless you profess an expertise in child rearing, I say, let us Democrats leave Palin's role as a mom alone . & If she is a bad mom, it's between her and her kids. Yes, she traveled out of state after amniotic fluid began leaking and her water broke in order to keep all pistons firing on her career. & No, I don't think this conversation would be as forgiving if Ms. Palin were a Democrat. & (That she was endangering the fetus apparently seems to be less of an issue because she's a pro-life candidate).


I still say, no matter what, working moms make sacrifices that may sound outlandish to outsiders and those decisions still mainly affect their relationships and families.

The same goes for her daughter, who will soon become a mom herself. & Many of us may hope that our own underage daughters avoid getting pregnant. & Let's (we Democrats) not confuse our own preferences or be too quick to cast the "hypocrite" stone at the Palin family, or for that matter, even the Republican base. &