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Election Day Jitters

I have that moment of panic when the poll worker can't find my name... It happens every time and it always ignites a flash of paranoia... Could I have somehow screwed up and not registered correctly? &

OK, there it is... I'm okay... I get to cast my vote. &

I take my ballot to the cardboard booth and realize that I have a PAPER ballot. I haven't voted on a paper ballot in years and it gives me a primitive sense of control. I'm not at the mercy of any electronic malfunction or punchcards with their evil little tabs. A calm descends on me as I mark concise ovals next to my choices. &


On the way home my husband says he is relieved to have exercised his choice... even feels a reduction of rage over the last eight years. & Me too, I say.

Then I get home and read about all the other states that are having voting problems, machine glitches, cold weather, long lines. & Anxiety crashes over me and I reach for the leftover Halloween candy. It's only 7:46 am and I've already polished off a Snickers, an Almond Joy, a Jolly Roger and a Baby Ruth. Thankfully they are only miniatures, but I still think it's going to be a very long day.