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Farewell Citizen Voices

Three elections. A new president. Same-sex marriage rights granted and taken away. It's been quite a year. And the Citizen Voices contributors have blogged their way through it all with great aplomb and candor.

Now that the election is over, it's time to say farewell to the Citizen Voices blog. I'm sad to see this project laid to rest. & We started this blog because we wanted to see the election from your perspectives. We wanted to get away from the usual punditry, and find out what you, the public, were thinking about the elections.

I am honored to have worked with our seven "Citizen Voices": Alma , Candace , Chris , Chuck , Jessica , Steven and Trina . I thank these talented and passionate writers for their time, dedication, enthusiasm and honesty. And I thank you, the community of readers and commenters, for participating in our experiment in civic dialogue. We love that many of you have voiced your opinions as actively as our regular bloggers to become part of the Citizen Voices dialogue. (Speaking of which - if you haven't taken our survey yet, please do so. We'd love to hear from you. And the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Public Media Innovation Fund, which helped pay for the project, wants to know what you thought of our little experiment in online democracy.)


We set out to learn how to bring together diverse opinions in an interesting and engaging way. We think we succeeded. So much, that we plan to do this again. Have ideas for topics? Leave a comment below. Otherwise, check back with us for our next iteration of "citizen journalism" in the coming months. &