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What's Happens if Ballot Propositions Fail?

What's Happens if Ballot Propositions Fail?
California ballot Propositions 1A-1F are struggling in the polls, with Proposition 1F being the only measure that appears headed for passage on Tuesday. What will happen to the state budget if most, if not all, the ballot propositions fail on Tuesday?

Doug Myrland: The polls for the special election ballot propositions are showing that only Prop. 1F is expected to pass on Tuesday. Prop. 1F would restrict potential salary increases for California State elected officials. Given the unknowns about voter turnout and the likely behavior of newly registered voters, how much faith should we have in the accuracy of these polls? And, what kind of budget deficit will the state be facing if the propositions fail?



Chris Reed, editorial writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, and author of "America's Finest Blog" on

David Rolland, editor of San Diego CityBeat.

JW August, managing editor of 10News.