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Congressman Filner Votes For Health Care Reform, Even Without Public Option

San Diego’s Congressional delegation voted along party lines on the nation’s health care reform bill. Democrat Bob Filner supported the bill, even though he promised to reject the measure if it didn’t have a public option.

Republicans were unanimous in opposition. They were joined by 34 dissenting Democrats. Congressman Bob Filner thought he might be in the group voting against the measure. He says he wanted a publicly-funded health care option but changed his mind.

It’s a major step forward in many ways, and I hope that down the line we’ll be able to add the public option," said Filner. "Remember what this does is it puts new constraints on insurance companies. They cannot deny us insurance for preexisting conditions. They can’t just take us off insurance because we’re spending too much money on whatever problems we have."

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa says the bill will mean huge tax increases, a cut in senior benefits and won’t change the spiraling cost of health care.

Democrat Susan Davis also supported the measure, while Republicans Duncan Hunter and Brian Bilbray voted against the bill.

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