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S.D. County Grand Jury Recommends County Ethics Commission

The San Diego County Grand Jury says the city’s Ethics Commission should be more independent. In a report released today, the grand jury also recommends the County form an Ethics Commission.

The Grand Jury report coincides with Mayor Jerry Sanders’ announcement of four new ethics mommissioners.

The city commission has been hobbled by too few appointments to its board in recent months.

The Grand Jury repeated earlier calls for an Ethics Commission that is more independent from the elected officials it monitors. The report calls for a ballot measure to establish the commission as an independent body with a budget that is not dependent on a vote from city officials

Forewoman Victoria Stubblefield says the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission can’t handle all reports of local government campaign violations. She says the grand jury recommends San Diego County create its own ethics commission.

"Especially in light of the change in campaign finance laws, where large donors can give money -- that needs to be uncovered so the voters know where these large funds are coming from."

New legislation allows political parties to contribute to campaigns, where they could not before. In San Diego, caps on campaign contributions are expected to increase as a result of a recent Supreme Court ruling.

The city council today considers doubling its campaign contribution limit to a $1,000 as a response to a suit filed by the Republican Party.