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California Voters To Weigh In On State's Landmark Greenhouse Gas Law In November

California voters will weigh in this November about whether to postpone the state’s landmark greenhouse gas law.

California’s Secretary of State has certified a measure that would suspend the state’s greenhouse gas reduction law, known as AB 32. It’ll appear on the November ballot, and would suspend the implementation of the law until unemployment drops below five-and-a-half percent for at least a year.

Supporters of the initiative say the tougher environmental regulations will hurt the state’s economy and cost jobs. AB 32 is one of Governor Schwarzenegger’s proudest accomplishments and he’s expected to fight the effort vigorously.


The latest ballot measure joins a host of others on the November ballot. Voters will decide issues ranging from legalizing marijuana for recreational use to spending billions to boost the state’s water supply system, to hiking the car tax to pay for state parks.