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SD County Sheriff, DA Get Five-Figure Pay Raises

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis each received five-figure pay raises this month.

Gore received a raise of $10,400 a year, while Dumanis' annual salary was raised $11,461, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. That makes their annual salaries $218,504 and $240,739, respectively.

Both officials were entitled to raises in January but did not accept them at that time, citing the fact that there were no negotiated pay increases for county employees last fiscal year. Since then, the county has approved a negotiated 2 percent raise for county employees.


Both also denied any implied linkage between the fact that they were facing a June election when they declined their raises, which equal 5 percent, according to the Union-Tribune.

The county has struggled with budget issues for the past two years, eliminating about 1,400 positions. However, the vast majority were vacant to begin with, leaving only about 170 layoffs. The county has also eliminated a variety of social services.