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Big Week Ahead in California Budget Talks

Big Week Ahead in California Budget Talks
By the end of the week, California could have a budget deal. Friday, June 15th is the deadline for the legislature to pass a spending plan. Democratic leaders and Governor Jerry Brown are still negotiating as time grows short.

As the Senate wrapped up its business last week, President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg put his colleagues on notice for the days to come.

"Be in and around the Capitol throughout the entire week, through Friday, and be prepared to work either day or night," Steinberg told them.

At issue: two billion dollars in cuts to welfare, college financial aid and more that the governor wants and Democratic lawmakers don't. Sherry Bebitch Jeffe with the USC Price School of Public Policy said a deal won't be easy.


"The question is, how on earth are they going to balance the budget - in a week - honestly? I don't see it," commented Jeffe.

Still, the two sides would like to get the budget done on time - to help make the case for Brown's November tax measure.