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Labor Day Marks End Of Summer, Beginning Of Campaign Season


Enjoy your last days of summer peace and quiet now, because once September gears up, the San Diego mayoral campaign will too. Labor Day has traditionally served as the start of hard-core campaigning until the November election.

Labor Day Marks End Of Summer, Beginning Of Campaign Season
Labor Day marks the end of summer. But it also signals the start of the sprint to the fall election.

This year seems like it will follow suit with Republican Carl DeMaio and Democrat Bob Filner scheduled to meet in four debates over the next four days. At least 10 more are scheduled through October.

Previous debates have featured testy exchanges between the two, such as this one during a debate on immigration and the border. DeMaio accused Filner of not doing enough in Congress to address border wait times.

"But your record is very clear," DeMaio said. "We still have a border-crossing crisis that is undermining our ability to invest and achieve economic prosperity."

"And in the last four years, what have you done?" Filner shot back. "Have you helped me at all in Congress to put together that coalition? Where is you leadership on the City Council? Where is you leadership on the City Council for the last four years to help me do that?"

"I’m helping you by sending you home!" DeMaio responded.

The latest 10News, SurveyUSA poll put Filner up 6 points over DeMaio.