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New Report: Latinos Motivated And Voting

Latinos overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama for re-election, with 73 percent of registered voters stating they will vote for him, according to the most recent Latino Decisions poll.

But the larger question is not how they will vote, but how much that vote will impact the elections. Will this be the year when the largest growing demographic in United States has a major effect on national elections?

Last week, the Obama campaign released a transcript from a Des Moines Register interview, he stated if re-elected it will be in a large part due to the Latino vote.


And with elections a week way, the voting bloc looks motivated. Latino Decisions are reporting that 8 percent of Latinos have already voted. And enthusiasm is up in the final week.

Forty-five percent of Latino voters say they are more enthusiastic about voting in 2012 compared to 2008. That number is up from 37 percent from ten weeks ago when the initial impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll was fielded. Furthermore, 87 percent of Latino voters say they are almost certain they will vote on Nov. 6, which includes 8 percent of Latino voters have already voted.

In 2008, 84 percent of Latino registered voters cast a ballot according to Census statistics.