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Roundtable: More San Diegans Get Their COVID-19 Vaccine

80-year-old Tera Parker gets a COVID-19 vaccine outside the Julian Library, Feb. 3rd, 2021.
Roland Lizarondo
80-year-old Tera Parker gets a COVID-19 vaccine outside the Julian Library, Feb. 3rd, 2021.
San Diego County brings vaccine distribution sites to rural areas, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer launches his run for California Governor, and residents in Paradise Hills band together to build sidewalks in their neighborhoods.

COVID Cases Dropping Amid Vaccine Rollout

It’s been a while since local COVID-19 news carried an optimistic tone, but that’s what we’re seeing this week. Case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths are all trending downward as we emerge from record-setting levels reached during the holidays. More people are also getting vaccinated as additional county-run supersites are established. KPBS reporter Matt Hoffman is covering local vaccination efforts and joins us to talk about what he’s seeing this week.

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Kevin Faulconer’s Run For Governor

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced his intention to run for California Governor this week. One of his first stops was San Diego’s Univision affiliate, where he spoke with anchor Marco Serrano about his reasons for running. From COVID-19, to building support with California’s largely democratic electorate, we’ll talk with Marco about his interview with the highest profile republican hoping to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom.

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DIY Sidewalks In Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills, located in Southeastern San Diego, is a community where many blocks simply don’t have sidewalks. It’s an issue that’s been ignored by public leaders for years, despite concerns raised by residents over safety and access for those with disabilities. Now, some are trying to form their own tax district to raise the money needed to install more sidewalk in the area. San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Andrea Lopez-Villafaña talked with residents about their efforts, how it would work, and why they feel this is the only way to bring long overdue improvements to their area.

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