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Public Safety

Change Clocks And Smoke-Alarm Batteries

Firefighters say the fall time changes is the time to put fresh batteries in home smoke alarms. Early Sunday morning -- 2 a.m. to be precise -- is the time to "fall back" one hour.

Most people change their clocks before going to bed. And that's a good time to swap out batteries in smoke alarms as well, according to fire officials.

The Energizer Battery people are getting into the act by providing 250,000 free batteries and fire-safety information for distribution by 6,400 fire departments across the country, including San Diego Fire & Rescue.


Firefighters and volunteers will go door to door offering home safety inspections and handing out batteries.

Some simple home safety tips that for families:

-- Practice smoke alarm maintenance for a simple, effective way to reduce home fire deaths.

-- Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors monthly to make sure they are working.

-- Plan, discuss and practice route with your family for dangerous situations.


-- Do not rely on your sense of smell to alert you of the danger of being trapped during a fire or from a carbon-monoxide leak.

-- Don't ignore the chirping sound your smoke alarm makes when maintenance is required.

-- Use flashlights rather than candles to light your home during power outages.

-- Remember, carbon-monoxide detectors are not substitutes for smoke alarms.

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