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Public Safety

State AG: Protect yourself from charitable scams this holiday season

California Attorney General Rob Bonta shares charitable donation tips.jpg
Melissa Mae
California Attorney General Rob Bonta shares charitable donation tips at the Logan Heights Community Development Corporation on Dec. 2, 2021.

As the season of giving begins, many charitable organizations come together to support their communities. Unfortunately, scammers are also on the prowl for people’s holiday donations.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta stopped by the Logan Heights Community Development Corporation Thursday to share tips and resources on how to avoid scams while donating this holiday season.

“Do your research before making a charitable gift. My office works everyday to protect you from fraud and deception and you are our partners in this work,” Banta said. “We want to make sure that those who are the bad actors, we address them and they’re not able to target and scam others.”


Bonta says to be cautious of social network fundraising.

“If you see a solicitation in your newsfeed, make sure the charity you are donating to is legitimate,” Bonta said. “If it is, find out whether you will be charged a fee for donating and what percentage of your donation will go the social media platform.”

Go to to see detailed descriptions of donation tips, as well as tips for online giving, mobile phone donations and even donation bins.

If a fundraiser or telemarketer engages in threatening or abusive behavior, complaints should be filed with the Attorney General’s office. Similarly, if there is evidence of a sham charity or if you suspect a charity is mismanaged, fill out a complaint form at

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