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Public Safety

San Diego County Sheriff's Department participating in Blue Envelope Program

A woman with a "Blue Envelop" seatbelt cover in this undated photo.
San Diego County Sheriff's Department
A woman with a "Blue Envelop" seatbelt cover in this undated photo.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department is participating in the Blue Envelope Program, which helps ease interaction with members of the public who have difficulty communicating, authorities said Wednesday.

The program allows people with difficulties communicating or who become anxious around authority figures to display a blue envelope logo on stickers, pins, seat belt covers, ribbons, key chains, lanyards, wallet information cards or bracelets.

Deputies immediately know from the logo that there is some communication issue to consider in dealing with the person being approached.


The free program requires no registration and is voluntary. It includes an actual blue envelope that the person can give to the deputy or any other community service personnel. It includes the person's identification, pertinent documents such as medical information, instructions regarding communication preferences and for driving, vehicle registration, proof of insurance and contact information.

"The Blue Envelope Program is part of our commitment to foster connection and understanding of the people we serve," Sheriff Kelly Martinez said.

More information on the program can be found at

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