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New Law Makes It Harder To Scam Property Tax Reassessments

More than 20,000 San Diegans filed for a property tax reassessment last year. That’s more than five times as many as in a normal year.

Chief Deputy County Assessor Diana Lackey says residents often receive letters from companies offering to do property reassessments for a fee, but her office does it for free,

Lackey says a new state law goes in effect this month making it illegal to put official-looking seals or emblems on letters offering to lower property tax assessments for a fee.

"Often, senior citizens can be confused by the misleading mailers that were sent out previously," Lackey said. "This new law prohibiting these misleading emblems and symbols, I think this is a great stride forward to help protect the consumer."

Lackey says more than 200,000 San Diegans received a temporary property tax reduction last year.

The County Assessor’s office reduced more than 70,000 of them without even being petitioned by the homeowner.