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Southeast Summers

 March 25, 2021 at 11:19 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:00 And new summertime Anthem about Southeast San Diego was just released called Southeast summers. It's a feel good collaboration between homegrown artist, Ryan, Anthony Michi, slick and Andrew Day from low rider cars to rollerskates the song highlights. The Southeast vibe [inaudible] joining me is Ryan Anthony. One of three of the artists who just released Southeast summers with Andrew Day and Michi slick Ryan. Speaker 2: 00:35 Welcome. Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to be here today. Speaker 1: 00:39 How did you Michi and Andra connect for this collaboration? Speaker 2: 00:43 So me and my mates, we have, uh, we have, uh, that's that's the big homie that's Oh, G San Diego legend. That's my guy, Andrew Day, the HMI, Nate. He went to one of her concerts in San Diego. It's probably like 2015 and he got backstage and he sent me a video and she gave me a shout out. She was like, I really love, barely see the beach, Ryan, Anthony. I love you. I love you. And I was just like, I didn't even know. She knew about me. So then I reached out to her then, and I was just like, you know, thank you. Hopefully we could work, you know, in the, in the future Speaker 1: 01:19 Song, you shout out Southeast neighborhoods like skyline and Logan Heights. Tell me about the Southeast vibe. You all portrayed in the song and in the video, you know what makes Southeast San Diego Southeast San Diego? Especially during the summertime. Speaker 2: 01:33 Yeah, I mean, it's, it's the people, it's the weather. It's the, the backyard barbecues. It's the car hops. It's the, you know, even in the beach, the beach parties, it's, uh, it's just, it's always been a vibe summer in San Diego has always been a bar. You know, when the sun come out, everybody come out and, you know, it's just a, it's like a party all the time and it's connecting and connecting with your loved ones and just enjoying each other. Speaker 1: 02:04 And I know you grew up in spring Valley. Um, how are your experiences reflected in this project? Speaker 2: 02:11 The project that the Saudi summers is on is called barely see the beach three. So there's a, this is like my trilogy it's called belly should be so that's my brand. And, uh, ever since the first one, I've just always talked about my experiences of San Diego growing up in San Diego maneuver and through, you know, cause there are negative aspects within Southeast San Diego that a lot of people are familiar with, but it's just showing people how to maneuver through and still having a positive mindset about it and not falling victim to, you know, those obstacles that are thrown in, in my way. So I just, I always talk about the positive sides of things, even though there is negativity. I always talk about the positive. Speaker 1: 02:56 Yeah. And, and I want to ask you about that. Positive know you mentioned it is important to invoke positive feelings about growing up in these communities. Talk to me more about that. Speaker 2: 03:05 Look at when we're growing up, how they portray like African countries, right? We have this, they put this picture in our mind that everybody over there is poor. Everybody over there is dirty. Everybody over there needs 25 cents a day to live. And it's not like that. I mean, there probably are places within that, but the, you can't to group a whole people that that's how that entire causing it is. You know, it's a crazy perception of put onto an entire group of people. And I feel like when you're in inner cities, they do the same exact thing. I feel like it's an, any inner city across America or across the world, they put the negativity that negative cloud over that inner city. And they only want to show the negative stuff. So it's like, if, anytime you hear about spring Valley, Southeast national city on TV, somebody is a victim to something. So I like to bring the, okay, there are those things going on. Yeah. But check out all this other positive stuff going on, look at all these kids that are trying to improve their life and do better in it and progress our, our community as a whole. So I just, I just like to shine that positivity on us, Speaker 1: 04:25 Ryan. I know I follow you on Instagram and you're always out serving the community. Um, why is it so important to give of your time and talents like that? Speaker 2: 04:34 Um, this community raised me. I am who I am because of this community. And I just, I, I love, I love to give back. I love to be outside with the, with the people. And now I don't ever feel like it's a, I'm helping somebody that needed or it's like, you know, these people don't have, so I'm giving it to them. It's just, these are my people. Like this is my family. This is his air. It's everything. It's my house. This is my house. You got to take care of your house. Speaker 1: 05:05 And, and I know this song is specific to Southeast San Diego, but I imagine many neighborhoods all across the country will relate to it. How do you feel about that? Speaker 2: 05:14 If it, it feel good. I got to my little cousin, he lives in Washington and he called me and he was so high on the radio out here in Washington. I was like, yo, what? That's. Wow. And it was just, it was crazy how excited he was about it. It may be, you know, I was excited too, but just seeing his excitement made me real happy. So it's, it's been real dope seeing it spread. Speaker 1: 05:41 I've been speaking with Ryan Anthony, one of three Southeast San Diego artists who just released Southeast summers. Thank you so much for joining us, Ryan. Speaker 2: 05:51 Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure. [inaudible].

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A new summertime anthem about Southeast San Diego was just released called “Southeast Summers”. It’s a feel good collaboration between homegrown artists Ryan Anthony, Mitchy Slick and Andra Day.
KPBS Midday Edition Segments