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Health Care Workers Seeking Vaccine Exemptions

 September 13, 2021 at 11:58 AM PDT
Despite a federal and state mandate that health care workers get vaccinated against COVID-19, an estimated 3% of San Diego hospital staff still aren’t persuaded to get vaccinated and are requesting exemptions. Plus, whether Gov. Gavin Newsom wins or loses on Tuesday, the recall election's outcome is likely to have big impacts on public health policies and the balance of power in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Also, how San Diego County is using technology to prepare for a potentially potent fire season. And, with wildfires come lawyers, but victims of previous wildfires have a message for those affected by the recent wildfires: buyer beware. Finally, how San Diego State alum Destin Cretton developed from a student filmmaker to director of Marvel's “Shang-Chi” in this excerpt from the “Cinema Junkie” podcast.