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What Can Recent COVID Numbers Tell Us About Future Of Pandemic?

 September 8, 2021 at 10:45 AM PDT
Scripps Health recorded its highest daily COVID-19 death count over the weekend, while new cases seem to be slowing. Are we nearing the end of the delta wave? Plus, San Diego’s eviction ban ended in mid-August and despite the statewide moratorium still in place, some San Diegans are still getting pushed out as investors look to capitalize on the area’s rising rents. Also, Chula Vista officials say they are working on a citywide privacy policy to guard against violations by police drone surveillance, license plate readers and other forms of data collection. And, as the 20th anniversary for 9/11 approaches, we take a look back on how American media has changed its coverage of one of the most complex armed conflicts of the 21st century. Finally, an excerpt from the latest “Port of Entry” podcast about how Drew Deckman, a chef in Valle de Guadalupe, weathered the pandemic storm.