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Only Here

Only Here is a KPBS podcast about the place where San Diego and Tijuana meet. Host Alan Lilienthal and producer Kinsee Morlan tell stories that could only come from a border town.

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Undocumented And Gay

For years, Beto Soto had two secrets.

And these weren’t small secrets. These were really big secrets. The kind that define who you are.

Soto is openly gay now, but he didn’t come out of the closet until a few years ago. He's also been living without citizenship papers in the United States since his family brought him here when he was 6. He kept his undocumented status quiet until recently, too.

In this episode, we talk to Soto about being gay and undocumented, and the photographic series he made about the experience.

Only here can you find an undocumented San Diego photographer documenting what it’s like to live nearly your whole life in a country without full citizenship.

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Introducing 'Only Here'

Many things created at the border come from the separation and collision of two cultures. Only Here is a podcast about that stuff — the art, food, traditions and culture that exists because of the border.

For many, the border is just a hazy political concept.

But for the those of us who live here, the border is a very real place with a distinct culture of its own. This podcast introduces listeners to the human stories and struggles happening at the border, and the beauty and creativity that come from it.