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Alan Lilienthal with guitar

Alan Lilienthal

Co-host, Port of Entry

Alan Lilienthal is a musician and the co-host of “Port of Entry,” a KPBS podcast about cross-border culture and the people who shape it. He was born in Mexico City, grew up in San Diego, learned a lot in New York, and now splits his time between Tijuana, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Alan is a member of tulengua, a bilingual hip hop supergroup with members from both sides of the US/Mexico wall. His life’s mission is to melt borders and celebrate our shared humanity through art.

  • Big news: we have a new cohost! In our recurring “Tour Guide” bonus episodes, we ask transborder people to take us on a tour of a special place in the borderlands: a place that means a lot to them. Today, our new fronteriza cohost Natalie Gonzalez, along with our longtime fronterizo host Alan Lilienthal, take us on a tour of two of their favorite places in Tijuana and tell us more about their life on la línea.Today’s episode continues our new season of "Port of Entry" focused on crossborder artists and musicians who’ve turned pain into superpowers.