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New season: Border artists turning pain into power

 October 6, 2021 at 9:39 AM PDT

Life here at the U.S.-Mexico border…

Can be tough….

Art Pusher Promo Clip 1Seth: It's been a struggle, bro. It's... it's been wild. But sometimes that struggle?

Builds character...

Guillermo Galindo Promo Clip 2People that make art are chameleons.

And resilience

Javier Batiz house new promo clip

here in Mexico, we keeping the music. people, espe cially in my country, they try to take down whatever I have built up, but I'm doing what I supposed to do and with all my love,

From PRX and KPBS…

Port of Entry is back with a new season on October 13….

We’re bringing you stories of fronterizos y fronterizas...both border artists and musicians...

Who’ve turned pain….

Michelle Guerrero Promo Clip 4I just feel torn from like where I should be.

Into super powers…

Tijuanauta Promo Clip 5

Alan: You started using your, your powers for, for good…

Victor: I've been fortunate to be in a position to even help others with what I do. So, yeah.

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Gracias por escuchar.

From PRX and KPBS, “Port of Entry” is back with a new season on Oct. 13.
We’re bringing you stories of border artists and musicians who’ve turned pain into superpowers.