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California expecting surge of people seeking abortions

 June 28, 2022 at 5:00 AM PDT

Good Morning, I’m Debbie Cruz….it’s Tuesday, June 28th.


More women traveling to California for abortions. More on that next. But first... let’s do the headlines….


The San Diego Humane Society says it’s limiting intakes at some shelters following an uptick in canine pneumo virus cases.The affected shelters include San Diego, El Cajon, Escondido and Oceanside.

The Humane Society’s Chief medical officer Dr. Zarah Hedge says symptoms of canine pneumovirus include minor cold-like symptoms, though a small number of dogs develop pneumonia.


San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria on Monday pulled back a proposed settlement of the 101 Ash Street debacle just before the city council was scheduled to vote on it.

Gloria made the move to allow for more public review of the plan to settle disputed leases of the controversial downtown property.

The settlement proposal called for the city to buy out the leases for 132-million dollars and assume ownership of the property.

The council is expected to discuss the proposed settlement again in about a month.


Parts of San Diego county will see some hot summer weather today.

A heat advisory is in effect in the San Diego county valleys through 8 pm tonight.

That includes San Marcos, La Mesa, Santee, Poway,...also Escondido and El Cajon.

Temperatures are expected to spike as high as 102.


From KPBS, you’re listening to San Diego News Now.Stay with me for more of the local news you need.


The Supreme Court decision overturning the constitutional right to an abortion continues to reverberate across the nation.

Now, health care providers are expecting an influx of people from states where abortion is banned to come to California for the procedures.

Dr. Toni Marengo, Chief Medical Officer from Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest spoke with KPBS Midday Edition’s Jade Hindmon about the impacts.

That was Dr. Toni Marengo, Chief Medical Officer from Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, speaking with Midday Edition’s Jade Hindmon.


Protests of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade continued yesterday (MONDAY) in San Diego County.

The latest was held at the Santee Trolley station.

KPBS’s reporter Alexander Nguyen was there, and brings us this story.

NATS chants Mybody my choice. The protest was organized by Rise Up 4 Abortion … a grassroots organization of young people fighting for reproductive rights. Gabriela Nzewi is a 16-year-old Santana High School student. She’s here because she says this is a human rights issue. Gabriela Nzewi / Protester “We have human rights and we are human at the end of the day, and we should be treated as such.” Earlier in the day … local lawmakers gathered at the county administration building to urge the passage of Senate Constitution Amendment 10 … which will codify abortion rights into California’s constitution. The amendment was passed by the assembly Monday. It will go in front of voters this November. AN/KPBS


Coming up.... The cause of a Navy SEAL candidate’s death in February is disclosed.. We’ll have that story and more, next, just after the break.


A military autopsy reveals a Navy SEAL candidate died of pneumonia during basic training in February.

KPBS Military Reporter Steve Walsh says his mother believes his death – after finishing Hell Week on Coronado Island, was avoidable.

A warning: Some of the details in this story are disturbing.

The autopsy says Kyle Mullen spit up enough blood to fill a 36 ounce sports drink bottle, before he was finally rushed to the hospital in early February. . Regina Mullen is his mother. “You know he was medically compromised. The medical team, the instructors, the lieutenant commander, they all had to have known. You see the guy spitting up blood. You set them to the barracks. You set the medical team home and you let them die.” The SEALs say the Navy will not comment on an ongoing investigation into Mullen’s death.. A separate Navy criminal investigation is also underway.. Steve Walsh KPBS News


San Dieguito Union High School District will now face a lawsuit over the firing of its Superintendent.

Dr. Cheryl James Ward was fired Sunday… two months after being put on administrative leave because of comments she made about Asian American families.

KPBS Education reporter M.G. Perez has been following the story.

Ward’s attorney, Josh Gruenberg, put out a written statement on Monday that said, “Dr. Ward intends to move forward with the filing of her lawsuit. And I look forward to questioning the board about its decision to terminate when there was no cause to do so. That should be fun…” he wrote. KPBS reached out to the San Dieguito school board for comment. Board Vice President Michael Allman said that given this is a personnel matter, no further information or comment will be provided at this time. Tina Douglas, the interim superintendent, has agreed to stay on until the end of the next school year in June 2023. With hopes the board will name a permanent replacement by the fall of next year. MGP KPBS News


Democratic state lawmakers and California’s governor have reached a budget agreement that includes billions of dollars in rebates to help residents offset the high cost of gasoline.

CapRadio’s Nicole Nixon has the details.

Rebates will be in three income-based tiers. Depending on how much a person or family earns, they could be eligible for up to one-thousand-fifty dollars. The money will go to individuals who make less than a quarter of a million dollars a year … or joint filers who earn less than half a million. Governor Gavin Newsom originally wanted to send money to car owners and temporarily make public transit free. But lawmakers insisted on making the rebates income-based. Republicans have blasted Democratic leaders for not acting sooner. Newsom first proposed a rebate in March. The proposal still needs to be approved and it could be months before the funds hit Californians’ bank accounts or mailboxes.


That’s it for the podcast today. As always you can find more San Diego news online at KPBS dot org. I’m Debbie Cruz. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

Health care providers are expecting an influx of people from states where abortion is now banned traveling to California for abortions. Meanwhile, protests continued yesterday in San Diego, over the abortion ruling. Plus, a military autopsy reveals a Navy SEAL candidate died of pneumonia during basic training in February.