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picture of Kirk Bowman

Kirk Bowman

Business Systems and Analytics Manager

As the business systems and analytics manager, Kirk provides leadership to and management of fundraising operations in KPBS’ membership department. His responsibilities include both technical, analytic, and collaborative work with other teams throughout the station to support the organization’s business objectives. Kirk also oversees audience services, the vehicle donation program, vendor management, and data quality.

Kirk began work for KPBS as a contract business analyst where he assisted the membership department in migrating data to a new customer resource and engagement management system. Kirk's passion for the KPBS mission and his desire to bring a higher level of data skills to the organization motivated him to join the KPBS team after the project was successfully completed.

Prior to KPBS, Kirk has worked in technology sales as a software developer, internationally as a project lead analyst for British Petroleum, and for 12 years as a technology manager. Kirk lives in Escondido and has a passion for gardening, travel, and figuring out how things work.