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Leng Caloh

Technology & Innovation Manager

Photo of Leng Caloh

Leng Caloh connects people and technology. In her current role, she oversees digital fundraising and online marketing efforts, manages digital analytics, and is responsible for internal staff computer technology use and support.

Leng has helped oversee the KPBS digital team since its inception in 2006, and led the team through its coverage of the October 2007 wildfires. Leng was responsible for tapping into Twitter and Google Maps during the wildfires, which led to extensive coverage of KPBS' online Web 2.0 innovations and an APTRA Mark Twain Award for Breaking News Online. She was selected by SDSU President Dr. Stephen Weber as one of SDSU's Top 25 people for her work during the wildfires. She also led the launch of KPBS' Citizen Voices election blog project.

Leng's career includes producing for both broadcast and online. She spent several years as a producer for the station's daily public affairs television program Full Focus, and has also worked on several national and independent documentaries. More recently, she served as KPBS' Convergence Editor, managing the Jacobs Project for Reporting Excellence, a multimedia fellowship program, and helping the station integrate its radio, television, and online platforms. Leng has received a CINE Golden Eagle as well as numerous first place awards for her broadcast and web work from the local Society of Professional Journalists and the San Diego Press Club.

Recent Stories by Leng Caloh

Farewell Citizen Voices

Nov. 18, 2008
By Leng Caloh and Citizen Voices

Three elections. A new president. Same-sex marriage rights granted and taken away. It's been quite a year. And the Citizen Voices contributors have blogged their way through it all with great aplomb and candor.

Talking About the Election

Oct. 30, 2008
By Leng Caloh and Citizen Voices

In case you didn't catch it, here's

Stan Lee and Perry Moore Announce Collaboration on Gay Teen Superhero Story

July 25, 2008
By Leng Caloh and KPBS Comic-Con News

Immediately, everyone stood up and cameras started flashing. Comics legend Stan Lee

Comic-Con Makes Money for San Diego

July 24, 2008
By Leng Caloh and KPBS Comic-Con News

In case you didn't catch it, here's

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