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Performance Artist Tries to Make Silk Purse Out of Extra Ear


Stelios Arcadious and his third ear


Performance artist Stelios Arcadious has implanted a third ear in his arm. Yes, you can read that sentence again. You can also step away from the computer to regroup after seeing the picture to your right. Back now? OK, here's the deal. The ear was grown from cells and is apparently still growing. Right now it's just a relief -- ewww! -- but apparently it will grow into a full-fledged ear -- double ewwwww! Arcadious will eventually install a microphone once the ear is fully developed. He said he did it because he thinks art should be more than "illustrating ideas."

That crazy ole' Stelios! Now, I agree that art CAN be more than just illustrating ideas. But here's the kicker -- not every idea is a good one! I mean, why an ear? And why in your forearm? You know I could possibly see implanting an ear in your foot or something, with the theory that you wanted to hear what's happening at ground level. You could call it Keeping One's Ear to the Ground or some such thing. But in your forearm? It doesn't even make sense logistically. If you ask me, Stelios would be better served by implanting a few extra brain cells.

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