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Teen Critic Calls Gran Torino Amazing

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Clint Eastwood stars in and directs Gran Torino (Warner Brothers)

By Lily Canones

Directed by Clint Eastwood himself, Gran Torino (opening January 9 throughout San Diego) was a film about a Korean War veteran, Walt Kolwaski, who makes a goal to turn his neighbor, Thao, into a man and teach him a few things about life after his attempt of stealing Walt's prized posession, the Gran Torino. Throughout the story, Thao also goes through the hardships of having a cousin who is part of a Hmong gang who continuously bullies him and takes advantage of his weak side. Thao later learns what it means to be a man after all the time he spends with Walt and the "heroic" choice Walt makes.

This movie was absolutely amazing. From watching the previews, Gran Torino has kept me attached and wondering what this movie was about. Even though there were a lot of racial jokes about other races, Asians especially, it didnt bother me at all even though I myself am Asian. Walt's racial jokes put smiles on my face and made me laugh so much. Knowing that Clint Eastwood himself directed this movie, he has done such an excellent job showing the fact that not all Asians are "bad " as some people in society think and he has also shown how teens do irresponsible things and how it is sometimes caused by peer pressure either by family, friends or even gang members like the Hmong gang had down to Thao. I felt as if the message came out to as "dont do things that you know that are wrong to do."

Gran Torino
(R for language throughout, and some violence) was such an amazing film and it has completely and perfectly defined itself as an action, drama and thriller movie. Clint Eastwood had not only done an excellent job as playing Walt Kolwaski, but has done an excellent job as the director and producer of Gran Torino . This is a complete MUST SEE movie.

--Lily Canones is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She became a Teen Critic because she wanted to share her perspective and opinions on new movies. She loves horror movies and Asian movies. Most of the horror movies she watches are originally from Asia and she counts the original Thai version of Shutter as one of her favorites of all time.

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