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Terminator Salvation Honors Franchise Says Teen Critic

Terminator Salvation invades theaters for Memorial Day Weekend

Credit: Warner Brothers

Above: Terminator Salvation invades theaters for Memorial Day Weekend

Terminator Salvation is a decent movie. When I heard they where creating a new Terminator, I wasn’t exactly sure about what to expect. I knew that Schwarzenegger wasn’t going to be a part of the movie because of his duties as governor and a Terminator movie just wouldn’t be the same without him. But Terminator Salvation finds a way around having the muscle-bound governor in a lead role and manages to still pull the movie off. This latest addition to the Terminator saga takes place during Judgment Day as the war is already being fought against the machines. Arnie’s character hasn’t been created yet or sent back in time, so the director McG is able to avoid showing his character for most of the film. What is cool is that when his character is needed they use Roland Kickinger, another Austrian bodybuilder who played Schwarzenegger in a film biography, in his place so that is appears that the govenator is still a part of the series.

Photo caption:

Photo credit: Warner Brothers

Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright and Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation

The story of Terminator Salvation is entertaining. I enjoyed watching the movie. The action and storyline where amazing. I liked the fact that they left it open for another movie. They brought in John Connor's father Kyle Reese (now played by Anton Yelchin) who is only a teenager at this point. Hopefully in the next movie they tells us how the Terminator gets sent back in time and how John (Christian Bale) was able to send Kyle back as well. I’m curious to know what happens next.

Terminator Salvation shows that all the members of the Resistance are following Connor's lead and look to him for guidance instead of to the actual leaders that they are suppose to follow. Now while this is happening Skynet has created a new weapon that is supposed to take Connor out. A man named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) is on death row and signs a contract to give his body to science to hopefully live a second life. The company makes him part human and part machine so that he can walk amongst the humans and infiltrate Skynet as one of their own. Connor believes that this abomination is actually trying to help him and Marcus can't believe that he is actually part machine. So the question is, will Skynet be smart enough to kill John Connor this time around?

Photo caption:

Photo credit: Warner Brothers

Christian Bale as John Connor

The visual effects in Terminator Salvation were phenomenal and were done really well. There were all sorts of new killing machines that roam the streets patrolling for human survivors and they all looked as if they were actually standing there with the humans. Terminator fans should watch this newest addition to the saga -- trust me and give it a chance. It is a good movie. The series is great and this movie is just another awesome addition to it

Terminator Salvation is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and language.

--Janeane White recently graduated from Mount Miguel High School.

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