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Voters Reject Budget-Related Props


Aired 5/22/09

California voters have spoken, and they're telling the state legislature to get back to work. Despite a last-ditch doomsday plea from Governor Schwarzenegger, voters rejected five out of six budget-related ballot propositions aimed at reducing the deficit. What options do the governor and legislature have now for reducing California's $21.3 billion shortfall?

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Above: Local editors discuss the states' budget woes and how it will affect San Diegans.

Gloria Penner: Tuesday's statewide special election was as close to a non-election as I can remember. Not too many people voted and those that did, voted overwhelmingly against the ballot measures that the governor and the legislature crafted. What can be done now to reduce the state's $21 billion budget deficit?


Bob Kittle, editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune editorial page.

John Warren, editor and publisher of San Diego Voice & Viewpoint.

Tim McClain, editor of San Diego Metropolitan Magazine.

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Avatar for user 'TomWins'

TomWins | May 23, 2009 at 9:31 a.m. ― 7 years, 9 months ago

I was looking forward to seeing San Diego Week; we need a source of insight to help make sense of all the challenges and changes taking place in San Diego and California. How disappointing! It turns out to be nothing but the same ol' people saying the same ol' stuff. No perspective other than spreading the same old talking points. No one speaking on behalf of the everyday family.
The first story discussed was about the failure of the ballot measures. The answer the two panelist gave was to cut programs. No one mentioned how Prop 13 has been a key piece in creating the problem we are in. No one mentioned how the legislature has become so partisan they no longer work for the people. No one discussed the Governator's failed leadership. No one mentioned that Grey Davis was run out of office because he was increasing the car registration fee which, in hindsight, was a good thing to do - he was not feeding into the frenzy that created this financial mess we are in.
To make it clear, I will not bother watching the program again until I get word there is balance and broader perspective, especially someone representing the interest and needs of common ordinary people and not just large businesses.

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Avatar for user 'Joanne Faryon'

Joanne Faryon, KPBS Staff | May 23, 2009 at 10:55 a.m. ― 7 years, 9 months ago

Hi Tom,

First, thanks for watching last night and for commenting. It's input like this that helps guide us in future shows. The budget issue isn't going away and I hope over the course of the next several weeks of coverage you hear some of your questions being asked. I do hope you stay with us and continue to give us feedback. Let us know how we're doing week to week.
Don't give up on us Tom, instead, continue to remind us that ordinary people are counting on us to be their voice.
Joanne Faryon, SD Week Producer

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