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Governor Keeps Tax Pressure on GOP

Governor Jerry Brown is keeping the pressure on Republicans to vote for a budget deal that includes taxes. The Democratic Governor held a press conference Monday with leaders from education, public safety and other groups.

His goal is to urge GOP lawmakers to temporarily extend tax increases until voters can weigh in during a fall election. Brown says the so called “tax bridge” is a necessity.

“The only people against this are a relatively small number of influential republican activists who don’t like this. It’s part of their thing. Without that no tax, they can’t go anywhere,” Brown explained.

Brown has been negotiating with a group of four GOP Senators who are seeking pension and regulatory changes in exchange for their votes to put tax extensions on the ballot.

But Republican Senator and budget vice chair Bob Huff said there are no GOP votes for the “bridge tax.”

Lawmakers face a June 15th deadline to pass a budget. Absent that, they will permanently forfeit their pay for every day without a spending plan.

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HarryStreet | June 14, 2011 at 1:35 p.m. ― 5 years, 9 months ago

No getting around the issue that raising taxes is not the answer. I'm one of the lucky San Diegans who lost his job, but found another. I did, however, take a HUGE pay cut that has made me alter my lifestyle. I no longer go to the malls to window shop, I don't buy lunch and rarely go to dinner. My family and I spend more time BBQ'n at home, doing things like hiking and biking that don't cost money. All this is fun and good, but we are now living check to check. This economic downturn has set us back nearly 15 years.

Fortunately we planned ahead and are making this work, but I can't afford new taxes, higher gas and food prices. My company and many others are not paying well, nor are they offering raises, and it doesn't look like they will even when things get better seeing as how companies realize they can have people do more for less just to stay employed. You've gotta luv the American Way of business.

Politicians need to make do with what they've got! Pure and simple. Eliminate bonuses for government employees, switch police from pensions to 401k-style retirement plans, eliminate overtime for police and firefighters and all other government employees. You'd be surprised how much money is leftover if you do that.

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