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Screening: ‘The Blob’

Library Schlockfest Continues Tonight

Steve McQueen is the young hero of

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Above: Steve McQueen is the young hero of "The Blob." (1958)

The downtown Central Library continues its delightful Schlockfest Film Series tonight at 6pm with the original 1958 film, "The Blob" starring a very young Steve McQueen. The screening is free.

Posters screamed: "Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor." How could anyone resist the promise of such cheesy fun?!

The 1958 sci-fi B-movie "The Blob" spawned a sequel, "Beware the Blob" (a.k.a. "Son of Blob") in 1972, and a remake in 1988. It is currently listed in development for another remake this year. The story was simple: A mysterious being -- a shapeless, jelly-like glob -- from another planet lands on earth and threatens a small town. The townsfolk refuse to listen to some teenagers that have witnessed the alien creature's destructive power. And the longer they ignore the warnings the bigger the blob gets.

Here's the 1958 trailer. Note how sincere Steven McQueen (that's how he was billed then) is in delivering his schlocky lines. That is part of the film's charm.

Trailer: 'The Blob'

The trailer for the 1958 film "The Blob."

The film's producer, Jack A. Harris, claimed the film cost about a quarter of a million but that was apparently inflated by about 50%, I suppose so that it didn't seem too cheap. But I maintain that low budget are often the cause of great creativity and do-it-yourself ingenuity. "The Blob" is a hoot and still loads of fun to watch. I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

And here's the catchy theme song (co-written by Burt Bacharach and performed by The Five Blobs) but be warned, if you play it the song is likely to get stuck in your head.

Video: 'The Blob' Theme Song

The catchy theme for the sci-fi cult classic "The Blob." WARNING: If you listen to this the song will get stuck in your head!

Monster Island Resort podcaster Miguel Rodriguez will present the film and test you cult film knowledge with a quiz (and cool prizes). The film is better seen with a crowd and the crowd that's been turning out at the Central Library has proven quite fun at the previous "The Tingler" and "Theater of Blood" screenings. I hope you will join me in celebrating yet another wonderful schlock film at the Library.

The film has also inspired an annual Blobfest with its own FaceBook page. This year's Blobfest (held at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA) is set for July 8-10 and will include the traditional

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