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Local Event: Disaster Day Triple Feature

Prepare for the Best of the Worst


Above: Earthquake," "Towering Inferno," and "The Poseidon Adventure" all screen together on March 5 as part of FilmOut's Disaster Day Triple Feature.

Are you ready for an earthquake? A fire? A tidal wave? Well prepare for the worst with FilmOut's Disaster Day Triple Feature with "Earthquake," "Towering Inferno," and "The Poseidon Adventure" starting at 4pm on Saturday March 5 at the Birch North Park Theater.

Remember in the 1970s when disaster films were all the rage? "Airport" started the decade off with a bomber on a plane and then there were earthquakes, tidal waves, fires, bees, avalanches, meteors, volcanoes and more. "Earthquake" was presented in "Sensurround," essentially the precursor to D-Box, in which your seats would shake when the earthquake hit.

All that wonderful sense of nostalgia can be relived -- sans Sensurround -- when FilmOut screen three classic disaster films as part of its monthly film series. So pack your disaster preparedness kit and bring those friends that will make the end of the world more enjoyable, and hunker down for this thrill ride of disaster fun.

Oh and remember to check out "Towering Inferno" where they had the billing dilemma of who got the top slot when Paul Newman and Steve McQueen -- both Hollywood heavyweights -- were starring together. The answer: McQueen's name comes first but Newman's is higher.

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