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Video: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s ‘Star Wars’

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Above: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost attend Comic-Con in the new movie "Paul."

In 2009, on the set of the film "Paul," Simon Pegg and Nick Frost set out to make a shot for shot remake of the "Star Wars" Trilogy. Did you think I could pass this up?

Well the talented duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost didn't quite make it through the entire trilogy but what they came up with was a worthy entry into the "Star Wars" fan film gallery. So here it is. Enjoy. It reminds me of something they might have done on their BritCom TV series "Spaced."


Video: Video: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's 'Star Wars'

Video: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's 'Star Wars'

Pegg and Frost will be starring in "Paul," opening this Friday. The film includes a scene of them at Comic-Con (but it's not really Comic-Con because that we were told at their panel last July, would have been too difficult to pull off) as well as a wild tale about meeting an alien on the way to Area 51. The film pays hommage to not only "Star Wars" creator George Lucas but also to Steven Spielberg and assorted other alien encounter films.

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Avatar for user 'IanForbes'

IanForbes | March 18, 2011 at 12:36 a.m. ― 6 years ago

Love the video! Hilarious! It's too bad I'd rather pay to see that again than "Paul".

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Avatar for user 'Beth Accomando'

Beth Accomando, KPBS Staff | March 18, 2011 at 2:21 p.m. ― 6 years ago

They should have included it in PAUL. It would have totally fit. I have more love for PAUL than you do.

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