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America Revealed: Nation On The Move

Airs Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 11 p.m. on KPBS TV

Credit: Courtesy of Lion Television

Above: Traffic in Los Angeles. Using aerial footage, high-definition video and real-time satellite data, AMERICA REVEALED traces the movements and communications that miraculously come together to manufacture goods, transport people and materials, grow tons of food and power our increasingly tech-savvy nation.

AMERICA REVEALED takes viewers on a four-hour journey high above the American landscape to reveal the country as never seen before. Technology expert and communications attorney Yul Kwon (winner of SURVIVOR "Cook Islands”) hosts this exciting new PBS series that travels through time, space and systems to reveal a nation of interdependent and intricately interwoven networks that feed and power the nation, produce millions of goods, transport people great distances and still come together to make America work.


Explore the map and find AMERICA REVEALED stories near you. Learn more about what makes America tick through the stories of individuals who work behind the scenes to keep our country running. We have stories from all over the country, click on your city and discover the important work someone might be doing right outside your frontdoor.

These networks all rely on vast, complex and precisely calibrated systems, yet most Americans have never had the chance to observe or understand them. Until now.

"Nation On The Move" airs Wednesday, October 23 at 11 p.m. - America is a nation of vast distances and dense urban clusters, woven together by 200,000 miles of railroads, 5,000 airports and four million miles of roads.

These massive, complex transportation systems combine to make Americans the most mobile people on earth. Accompany host Yul Kwon as he journeys across the continent by air, road and rail, venturing behind the scenes with the workers who get us where we need to go.

At the Federal Aviation Administration command center, listen in on a call with NASA, the sercret service, the military and every major airline to learn how our national flight plan works today.

Go along as he meets innovators creating ways to propel us farther and faster in years to come; in Las Vegas, he heads out into the wild night to see how transportation analysts are keeping traffic at bay by revolutionizing the use of one basic tool: the traffic light.

Uncover the minor miracles and uphill battles involved in moving more than 300 million Americans every day on infrastructure built in the 19th and 20th centuries, in this episode of AMERICA REVEALED.

This program originally aired in 2012.

Preview: America Revealed: Nation On The Move

Travel by air, road and rail with host Yul Kwon as he ventures behind the scenes of America's massive transportation system in this episode of AMERICA REVEALED.

Nation On The Move: Introduction To Transport

In this introduction, Yul highlights some of the topics, themes and people we see in episode two of AMERICA REVEALED "Nation On The Move." What keeps our country moving? How has our transportation system changed over the years? Watch to find out more.

America Revealed Series Preview

AMERICA REVEALED takes viewers on a four-hour journey high above the American landscape to reveal the country as never seen before.

Behind The Scenes: America Revealed

Yul Kwon, host of AMERICA REVEALED, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series. He tells about some of his favorite moments, shares the insights he gleaned during production, and explains why AMERICA REVEALED was tougher than the reality series, Survivor.

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