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Fallen California Soldier Leaves Behind Two Wives (Video)

Spc. Moises Gonzalez and Ruth Bayona
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Above: Spc. Moises Gonzalez and Ruth Bayona

Army Specialist Moises J. Gonzalez was keeping a big secret - a secret that came to light when the 29-year-old Bakersfield resident was killed in Afghanistan on April 25th in a vehicle rollover accident.

According to Bakersfield television station KGET-TV, Gonzalez never divorced his first wife, Darlene Garcia, when he married his second wife, Ruth Bayona, in 2010.

Although Gonzalez lived in Bakersfield with Bayona with their son, Moises Gonzalez Jr., he was based out of Fort Hood, Texas. Gonzalez also had a son with his first wife, and yet another son with a woman he never married.

Bayona told KGET she discovered she was not her husband's only wife from a casualty-assistance officer, when she arrived in Delaware to claim Gonzalez's body:

"The JAG made a decision that she's the first wife so she’s the one who’s going to be recognized as the wife... just because of the years of the marriage certificates."

Confused? Here's the entire story:


One Soldier, Two Wives


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Dothscribble | September 20, 2012 at 5:41 p.m. ― 3 years, 8 months ago

The high & mighty IDIOTS from Mexico should instruct us all.
A bit late but this one is righty teaching Earthworms new tricks.

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