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People for a Safe Community’ Calls For Stricter Federal Gun Laws

A group called “People for a Safe Community” is planning a community event Saturday to call for more stringent gun laws at the federal level.

Rick McCoy’s 17-year-old son was shot dead as he left school last year. McCoy will be a speaker at the event.

"You can’t just sit at home and think, 'Oh yeah, that happened to him and I feel sorry, but it would never happen to me.' It’s happening to everyone, and you know if we as people do nothing about it, it will never be stopped," he said. "It’s going to just get worse. No one organization can do it by itself, we've got to all pull together, that’s the only way it's going to happen."

Matt Maggio, one of the founders of the group, said without federal legislation, California's stricter laws are ineffective.

"We've seen over and over again," he said, "you can just go to a different state and buy as many guns as will fit in your car and bring them back to California."

Other speakers at the meeting will include San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and representatives from Senator Diane Fienstien's and Congressman Scott Peter's offices.

The meeting at the First Unitarian Church at 4190 Front Street in Hillcrest runs from 3 to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

This story originally stated the wrong location for the meeting. The location is Hillcrest.

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Crolley40 | March 3, 2013 at 5:23 a.m. ― 4 years ago

Thanks to personafied teamwork coverage on Adam Lanza's Frontline that came into mine (not as though someone else problem) unlike some other previous frontline coverage as D.C edu chancellor michelle lee so on, and it gave me some perspecitve on this gun violence issue, and was able to re address myself what were the eleborated details concerning Nancy's (reported) apocalyptic worldview, and her sense of safety with second amendment guaranteed gun possession. And from this point, I agreed that it was such a tragic mistake by her decision to accompany Adam shooting practice at local training places. And I also wondered how come faculty members where Adam attended & his counselors had failed to advise Nancy not to keep any arms inside house considering the mental cases Adam had. So this focus on people who had close connection to the young killer and controversy specific approaches (though missing some I indicated about Nancy's characters, or mental condition that I thought she might have had some) also spotlighting aftermath for community's sake rather than typical chronical & comprehensive (covering all extra details) narration has come more real issue N.T connecticut and the nation's facing.

I'm in appraisal of this localized news media effort covering newtown massacre, journalists effort to show it more personafied to viewers, since current news environment is focusing more delivering infos(what's happening) than how those infos were received or manufactured, so that the public are convinced of their efforts. kpbs is doing such a great job, let's say compared to pbs newshour, with personalized in depth coverage, but easily understood by people, perhaps it can more easily focus on localized issues (as residents themselves reporting) as San Onofre, border problem down S.D in conjunction to nationwide immigration debate, ethnic culture & cuisinary venues as sprawling ethnic markets which can be marketed for benefits of the rest who live in this region. So, there's always new infos which are more practical and less "politically outdated" I should say, or scholarstic, ideological & philosophical, knowledge oriented & certainly boring in many occasions which is pbs newshour.

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