Union-Tribune: Two San Diego Tourists Contract Hepatitis A

Thursday, November 9, 2017
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Megan Burke
Photo by Susan Murphy KPBS
Above: City workers wash down streets and sidewalks Monday in an effort to control a hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego.

One of the fears surrounding San Diego's hepatitis A outbreak may have been realized.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that two tourists who visited San Diego to attend a Metallica concert in August, developed cases of hepatitis A when they returned home to Utah.

One of the men contacted the Union-Tribune because of reporting about a Pacific Beach restaurant, World Famous, where a worker had tested positive for hepatitis A. The man, 43-year-old Mike Johnson said he and his friends ate at World Famous.

A San Diego County official told the Union-Tribune that the county is aware of the Utah cases.

“We are certain they did not contract hepatitis A from our known case [at World Famous],” county spokesman Michael Workman told the Union-Tribune. “More likely culprits would be publicly-shared bathrooms on or off property, another unknown infected person, or any contaminated surface in or around the establishment.”

Union-Tribune reporter Lauryn Schroeder joins Midday Edition Thursday to discuss the cases.

San Diego County's hepatitis A outbreak has killed 20 people. There have been 544 confirmed hepatitis A cases in the county.