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Claire Trageser

Multimedia Enterprise Reporter

Photo of Claire Trageser

Claire Trageser is a multimedia reporter for KPBS and inewsource. She writes and produces in depth coverage for radio, television and the web. Claire was part of the team that covered allegations of sexual harassment against former Mayor Bob Filner, his resignation and the special election that followed. She also covers the city of San Diego's budget process, helped create the interactive KPBS Budget Game and does enterprise stories about issues impacting San Diegans.

Claire studied chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She then earned a master's degree in journalism at UC Berkeley, where she worked at the Knight Digital Media Center and completed a master's project with Michael Pollan.

You can access Claire's PGP Public Key here.

Recent Stories

No Charges Filed In DeMaio Break-In, Sexual Harassment Case

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There is not enough evidence to file criminal charges in cases involving sexual misconduct claims against Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio and a late May break-in at DeMaio's campaign headquarters, the San Diego County District Attorney's office announced Monday.

San Diego Minimum Wage Increase To Go On June 2016 Ballot

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The City Council voted unanimously Monday to put the increase on the June 2016 ballot.

DeMaio On The Media: 'Muckraking' Outlets Are Low Priorities

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The subject of media accessibility came up this week at two forums with Democratic Rep. Scott Peters and his Republican challenger, Carl DeMaio.

Peters, DeMaio Nail Down Positions On Net Neutrality

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Democratic Rep. Scott Peters and his Republican challenger in the 52nd District, Carl DeMaio, took on net neutrality when they fielded questions at forums this week on open government and transparency.

Enough Signatures Gathered To Force San Diego Minimum Wage Hike To Ballot

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Opponents to the City Council-approved minimum wage increase have successfully gathered enough signatures to force the issue on a future ballot.

San Diego Cops Risk Being Fired For Not Pressing Record On Body Cameras

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San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman and local community leaders talked about the new police policy for body cameras at a community forum.

Peters, DeMaio Stick To Familiar Ground In Second Debate

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Rep. Scott Peters, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger Carl DeMaio mostly stuck to familiar talking points in their second debate in the race to represent the 52nd Congressional District.

Peters Vs. DeMaio — A Closer Look At Their Contentious Congressional Race

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The race between incumbent Democratic Rep. Scott Peters and Republican Carl DeMaio for San Diego's 52nd Congressional District is one of the few House races that's a toss up this November.

Mayor Recommends Mandatory Water Conservation In San Diego

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Mayor Kevin Faulconer is recommending San Diego move to a “drought alert” status on Nov. 1, if approved by the City Council.

New Voters Could Sway Results In 52nd Congressional District

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New voters lean mostly Democratic or decline to state a party preference, which could help Rep. Scott Peters defeat former San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio, according to recent election analysis.

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