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Claire Trageser

Multimedia Enterprise Reporter

Photo of Claire Trageser

Claire Trageser is a multimedia reporter for KPBS and inewsource. She writes and produces in depth coverage for radio, television and the web. Claire was part of the team that covered allegations of sexual harassment against former Mayor Bob Filner, his resignation and the special election that followed. She also covers the city of San Diego's budget process, helped create the interactive KPBS Budget Game and does enterprise stories about issues impacting San Diegans.

Claire studied chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She then earned a master's degree in journalism at UC Berkeley, where she worked at the Knight Digital Media Center and completed a master's project with Michael Pollan.

You can access Claire's PGP Public Key here.

Recent Stories

Suing Obama: GOP-Led House Gives The Go-Ahead

A sharply divided House approved a Republican plan Wednesday to launch a campaign-season lawsuit against President Barack Obama.

Two Stories Of Impact From San Diego's Minimum Wage Increase

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Here are two people who will be impacted in very different ways by San Diego's minimum wage increase.

'Bike-In' Planned To Protest Rejection Of Barrio Logan Community Plan

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Bicyclists will ride around the same block in Barrio Logan as a protest against voters rejecting the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update.

The Man Behind Kensington's Sidewalk Paintings

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Kensington's sidewalks are a patchwork of brightly colored paintings and they're all the work of one man: Bernard Muhammad.

Filner's First Accuser Reflects On Sexual Harassment Scandal

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"I did this for other women ... who have been at the sharpest edge of an arrow, the target of somebody who's abusing power," said Irene McCormack Jackson, in explaining why she sued then-Mayor Bob Filner and the city of San Diego for sexual harassment.

San Diego City Council Approves $1.5M Tax Rebate For Illumina

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The San Diego City Council approved a deal to keep the medical device company Illumina in San Diego for 10 years.

Gloria: Home Care Workers In San Diego Will Get New Minimum Wage

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After the City Council approved raising the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour by 2017, some thought home care workers might be exempt from the change. City Council President Todd Gloria says no one will be left out.

Open-Air Seafood Market Coming To San Diego Bay

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A new open-air seafood market has won approval from San Diego County and will open Aug. 2.

San Diego City Council Votes To Raise Minimum Wage

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The San Diego City Council voted Monday to raise the city's minimum wage as an ordinance, meaning it won't go to a public vote. What's next-a veto by the mayor, possible signature-gathering campaign by opponents? We take a look.

DeMaio, Peters On Climate Change, Immigration, Guns, Marijuana

Carl DeMaio and Scott Peters, the candidates running for the 52nd Congressional District seat, answered 10 questions posed by KPBS.

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