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Claire Trageser

Multimedia Enterprise Reporter

Photo of Claire Trageser

Claire Trageser is a multimedia reporter for KPBS and inewsource. She writes and produces in depth coverage for radio, television and the web. Claire was part of the team that covered allegations of sexual harassment against former Mayor Bob Filner, his resignation and the special election that followed. She also covers the city of San Diego's budget process, helped create the interactive KPBS Budget Game and does enterprise stories about issues impacting San Diegans.

Claire studied chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She then earned a master's degree in journalism at UC Berkeley, where she worked at the Knight Digital Media Center and completed a master's project with Michael Pollan.

You can access Claire's PGP Public Key here.

Recent Stories

No Money Left For San Diego Turf Rebates Until July

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The city of San Diego's money for a program that pays homeowners to take out their lawns has dried up in one week.

San Diego Sidewalk Study Finds 78,000 Cracks And Bumps

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The study took one and a half years to complete. City Councilman Mark Kersey said it will help the city prioritize what areas of the city to repair.

Lawsuit Threatens Sweetwater's Tiered Water Rates But Not San Diego's

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A court ruling Monday knocking down a water rate system in San Juan Capistrano likely won't affect most of San Diego County, except at Chula Vista's Sweetwater Authority.

Why Micro-Homes Aren't Taking Off In San Diego

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Micro-homes — 350-square-foot dwellings or smaller — have become a national trend for residents who pride themselves on not contributing to sprawl. But San Diego's parking rules are keeping the concept from spreading here.

What San Diegans Would Change In City's Budget

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As city officials wade through the 1,752-page budget proposal, San Diegans have been making their own much simpler spending plans using the KPBS Budget Game.

Vigilante Water Cops And Mongolian Showers: How San Diegans Are Saving Water

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The city of San Diego has to cut its water use by 16 percent under an order by Gov. Jerry Brown. That means stepping up policing of water restrictions set in November that so far the city has struggled to enforce.

Mayor Faulconer: San Diego Will Beef Up Water Enforcement Amid Drought

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The city of San Diego will give more teeth to mandatory water restrictions that have been in place since Nov. 1, 2014, Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced Wednesday.

San Diegans: What Would You Change In Your City's Budget?

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In advance of Mayor Kevin Faulconer's budget proposal, KPBS asked people from across the city where they want to see the city spend more and less money.

Lorie Zapf’s Path From Foster Care To San Diego City Council

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San Diego City Councilwoman Lorie Zapf represents Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and other coastal neighborhoods. But when she was growing up, she never would have expected to be where she is now.

One Paseo Petition Signatures Will Be Verified One By One

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San Diego's city clerk says the 61,235 signatures turned in to request a referendum that would block the One Paseo development in Carmel Valley will be counted one by one, unlike the usual sampling done.

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