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Claire Trageser

Multimedia Enterprise Reporter

Photo of Claire Trageser

Claire Trageser is a multimedia reporter for KPBS. She writes and produces in depth coverage for radio, television and the web and covers a variety of topics, including politics, the environment and education. Claire was part of the team that covered allegations of sexual harassment against former Mayor Bob Filner, his resignation and the special election that followed. She also covers the city of San Diego's budget process, helped create the interactive KPBS Budget Game and does enterprise stories about issues impacting San Diegans.

Claire studied chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She then earned a master's degree in journalism at UC Berkeley, where she worked at the Knight Digital Media Center and completed a master's project with Michael Pollan.

You can access Claire's PGP Public Key here.

Recent Stories

San Diego's Bike Share Program Struggling

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The Florida company DecoBike runs San Diego's bike share program at no cost to the city. So far, it appeals more to tourists than locals, according to a San Diego County grand jury report.

Rugby Player Overcomes Broken Back, Cancer In Olympic Quest

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Jillion Potter is hoping to be one of 12 American women to make the USA Olympic team. This is the first time women will play rugby in the Olympics.

Will Urban Park In Downtown San Diego Get The Boot?

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The Quartyard park, built on a city-owned vacant lot, was designed to be temporary. The community became attached to it, and now it's set to become a high-rise condo complex.

Marijuana Tax, Seven Other Measures Headed For November Ballot

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The San Diego City Council authorized drafting the propositions and will give final approval in a few weeks. They include everything from taxing recreational marijuana to raising taxes to build fire stations to changing how city elections are run.

Sheep Counting In Anza-Borrego Doesn't Put Volunteers To Sleep

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Every summer a rare sight comes to the desert outside San Diego: endangered bighorn sheep gather at watering holes. And every summer, a group of volunteers count them.

Suspect In San Diego Homeless Attacks Called 'Extremely Dangerous'

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Police said Thursday the man responsible for a four-day crime spree that has left two homeless men dead and two others severely injured may be using public transportation and urged riders to keep an eye out.

Study Finds People Of Color Less Likely To Be Involved In Politics

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People of color in California are less likely to contact public officials, attend political meetings and support campaigns, according to a new report from UC Riverside.

San Diego Scrambling To Plan For Minimum Wage Increase

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A referendum voters overwhelmingly approved last month meant the city had about a month to get a system in place to enforce the minimum wage increase.

San Diego Council OKs Adding 9 Miles Of Bike Lanes Downtown

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The City Council unanimously approved the plan for downtown San Diego that adds bike lanes, widens sidewalks and eventually eliminates about 475 parking spaces.

SDG&E Gets OK To Market On Alternative Energy Program

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The decision by state utility regulators means San Diego Gas & Electric could soon begin marketing for or against San Diego's plans to form an alternative energy program called "community choice aggregation."

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