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Claire Trageser

Multimedia Enterprise Reporter

Photo of Claire Trageser

Claire Trageser is a multimedia reporter for KPBS. She writes and produces in depth coverage for radio, television and the web and covers a variety of topics, including politics, the environment and education. Claire was part of the team that covered allegations of sexual harassment against former Mayor Bob Filner, his resignation and the special election that followed. She also covers the city of San Diego's budget process, helped create the interactive KPBS Budget Game and does enterprise stories about issues impacting San Diegans.

Claire studied chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She then earned a master's degree in journalism at UC Berkeley, where she worked at the Knight Digital Media Center and completed a master's project with Michael Pollan.

You can access Claire's PGP Public Key here.

Recent Stories

San Diego Councilman David Alvarez Running For County Supervisor

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On Tuesday night, San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez announced he's running for San Diego County's Board of Supervisors in the District 1 seat.

Arts Community Aims To Save Cultural Hive In North Park

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The building's property owner says he's been offered $2.5 million for the space. But won't sell. Allen Hitch Jr. believes in Queen Bee's mission and wants to see it thrive.

SDG&E's Plan To Lobby On Community Choice Is Suspended

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The California Public Utilities Commission says SDG&E is not doing enough to show its lobbying arm is separate from the utility.

Buddhist Fraternity Gaining Pledges At San Diego State

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To pledge, students must commit themselves to meeting for group meditation two nights a week, going on four retreats of day-long meditation and silence and doing community service.

San Diego Says Homeless Shut Out Of Emergency Shelters Due To ‘Miscommunication’

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When a strong Pacific storm pounded San Diego with heavy rain and strong winds Dec. 23, the city kept its emergency homeless shelter closed — even after announcing the shelters would be open.

San Diego Bands 'Come Together' For All-Beatles Concert

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Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center in North Park is putting on a concert of local bands playing Beatles music 7 p.m. Friday.

Researchers Looking For Sterilization Survivors In California

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From 1909 to 1979, California's eugenics laws led to the sterilization of about 20,000 people, more than any other state.

San Diego Emergency Shelters Not Open Despite City's Announcement

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As temperatures are set to drop below 50 Friday night, the city of San Diego says it has opened emergency homeless shelters. But that's not true — the city's own website says shelters won't open until Saturday.

San Diego Pride Will Go On As Conflict Between Two Groups Resolves

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Leaders of the two groups issued a joint statement Friday saying one of the groups, LGBT Community Pride, would dissolve.

San Diego Safari Park Staff Find Bullet In White Rhino

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Veterinarians at the park had long suspected a stray bullet was giving Wallis infections, and on Saturday they found the bullet and removed it.

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