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Kris Arciaga

Video Journalist

Photo of Kris Arciaga

As a video journalist, Kris works with a team of news producers and reporters to shoot and edit news packages used in KPBS Evening Edition.

Kris began his professional career volunteering at KOCT in Oceanside where he received training in all areas of production and news gathering. As a news photographer at KUSI and Fox 6 San Diego, he learned techniques to help hone his craft of visual storytelling.

Kris graduated with a BA in visual arts from Cal State San Marcos with a focus on film and television.

Outside of news gathering, he enjoys surfing, live music and discovering new restaurants.

Recent Stories

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Ultimate Dinosaurs Stomp Into theNAT

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Something big is coming to theNAT, it is Ultimate Dinosaurs, but you will not find the dinosaurs you learned about as a kid. Instead, it is a whole new crop of dinos from the Southern Hemisphere that you may not have seen before.

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San Diego's Diversionary Theater Is Bringing Back Burlesque

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For the second year in a row, choreographer Michael Mizerany will present the "In The Va Va Voom Room" burlesque show.

Podcast Episode 88: Wild And Crazy Steve Martin Gets Serious About Comedy

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The comic-turned-playwright's latest work, "Meteor Shower," has its world premiere at the Old Globe.

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Steve Martin's 'Meteor Shower' Has World Premiere At Old Globe

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The Old Globe Theatre would like Steve Martin to view its stage as a home for anything he writes. Two years ago it hosted his musical "Bright Star." Now comes the world premiere of his play "Meteor Shower."

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Mike Birbiglia's 'Don't Think Twice' Looks At Improv Comedy

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The comedian's new film serves up a bit of a history lesson about improv and lays out some rules. It begins a two-week run at Landmark's Ken Cinema on Friday.

Podcast Episode 85: Mike Birbiglia On Comedy, Improv And Trust

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Mike Birbiglia's new film "Don't Think Twice" (expanding to more cities on Aug. 12) looks to an improv group experiencing some growing pains.

Fans Embody Favorite Characters At Comic-Con

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San Diego native Jamie Lee Cortez explains what it’s like to walk around Comic-Con dressed up as a popular character.

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Old Globe's 'Macbeth' Is Bloody, Bold, Resolute

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The Shakespearean tragedy might not have existed if it weren't for the First Folio. So it's fitting that the Old Globe is offering a bold new production of "Macbeth" while a copy of the book is in San Diego during its national tour.

Podcast Episode 80: 'Macbeth' And The Curse Of The Scottish Play

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With the first folio in San Diego this month, Cinema Junkie returns to the Bard for an episode all about "Macbeth."

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'Camp David' Play Goes Behind The Scenes Of Historic Peace Negotiations

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The Old Globe stages a new play about the 13 days of intense negotiations that led to the signing of the Camp David Accords.

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