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Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando


At last years San Diego Comic-Con, people got a tantalizing sneak peek at the fantastical world of Mirrormask (opening September 30 for one-week only at Landmarks Ken Cinema). Now more than a year later the complex technical work (involving The Jim Henson Company) is complete and the film is receiving an art house release.

Few films succeed in creating a convincing dream world. Too often you get clunky, leaden fare such as Dreamscape, What Dreams May Come or Vanilla Sky films with imaginations too firmly rooted in the real world. Occasionally, though, you get a film like David Lynchs Eraserhead or Terry Gilliams Brazil , where the bounds of reality are truly broken and you feel you have stepped into a hallucinogenic other world. Mirrormask now joins the ranks of those rare films. Conceived and scripted by Neil Gaiman, and directed and designed by Dave McKean, Mirrormask is a work of breathtaking and inspired fantasy for the adventuresome of all ages.