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North Korea, Slush Funds, Hamdania Murder Case

This week the editors gather at the roundtable to discuss the North Korean nuclear threat and the international response. Also, the editors explore the county supervisor’s use of “slush funds” and

North Korea, Slush Funds, Hamdania Murder Case

Gloria Penner: North Korea wants respect from the U.S. but President Bush resists bilateral talks with the communist state. Is that why Kim Jong Il exploded a bomb? Also, two county supervisors travel to foreign lands courtesy of local groups funded by the supervisors slush funds. Could there be a connection? Plus, are plea bargains expected from Camp Pendleton marines charged with murder in Hamdania? 


  • Alisa Joyce Barba , western bureau chief for National Public Radio.
  • Scott Lewis , co-executive editor of
  • Tony Perry, San Diego bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times .