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San Diegans' Private Art Collections on Exhibit

Director of the San Diego Museum of Art and two prominent local collectors talk about the range represented in the San Diego community. An exhibit featuring works collected by San Diegans is currentl

San Diegans' Private Art Collections on Exhibit

Tom Fudge : Much of the great visual art the world has produced is owned by private individuals. Museums serve a purpose. But the market for art surely wouldn’t survive if there weren’t private patrons willing to pay good money for art.

Some art collectors just want something pretty to put on the wall. Others see art as an investment. Others become obsessed with collecting and develop a very sophisticated knowledge of certain kinds of art.


Right now, the San Diego Museum of Art is displaying some of our region’s most impressive art collections. They are part of a special exhibition called Personal Views: Regarding Private Collections in San Diego.


  • Derrick Cartwright , director of the San Diego Museum of Art.
  • Eloisa Haudenschild , internationally renowned collection of contemporary Chinese photography and video.
  • Bob Hoehn , collector covering a broad spectrum of art history, including drawings and etchings by Rembrandt.