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Scrutiny of Migrant Worker Camps Increases

McGonigle Canyon is home to hundreds of migrants who live there illegally. Captain Boyd Long with the SDPD’s Northern Division talks about the ongoing issue of migrant camps in the canyons of suburb

Scrutiny of Migrant Worker Camps Increases

Tom Fudge: McGonicle Canyon, in Rancho Penasquitos, has been a makeshift home to migrant workers for decades. Workers from Mexico live in ramshackle huts, made from found materials, at the floor of the canyon. They spent their days looking for odds jobs.

The encampments have always caused a certain amount of conflict with nearby residents, some of whom live in million dollars homes. And this past weekend, more than a hundred protesters showed up to draw attention to illegal immigration. The protesters included members of the San Diego Minutemen, who assume the workers who live in the camps are here illegally. The protesters were vocal, but kept in check by a heavy police presence.



  • Boyd Long, captain for the Northern Division of the San Diego Police Department.