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Solana Beach to Vote on Mansionization

Supporters of a housing ordinance that would limit the size of homes argue that the city’s character would be undermined by huge residences, while opponents claim that property rights are being infri

Solana Beach to Vote on Mansionization

Tom Fudge : Last night, the Solana Beach City Council called a special election on a law that would limit the size of homes near the coast. The so-called Residential Mansionization ordinance had been passed by the council. But opponents managed to gather enough petition signatures to put it on the ballot.

The mansionization issue was raised by people concerned about the increasing size of homes in the city’s coastal area. They say huge new homes are towering over tradition bungalows. This, they say, hurts the quality of life of the people who live in smaller homes. And it changes the historic character of the neighborhood.


The proposed law would limit the number of square feet a home could have on a given lot. The smaller the lot, the more restricted a new home’s square footage would be. This proposal has been very controversial.


  • Dave Roberts , councilmember for the City of Solana Beach.
  • Norma Ruhm, member of Common Sense, a non-profit, unincorporated, unaffiliated association of Solana Beach residents that opposes the Residential Mansionization Ordinance.